Several years ago, I started collecting “truisms,” little quips of wisdom, guidance and direction. 


I created my own personal list that I titled “The most important things I know.” It started as a hobby, but as the years went on, I discovered that these axioms kept popping up and the list continued to grow. 

When I became a dad, my hobby seemed even more important. This collection of modern proverbs felt like the kinds of foundational knowledge that I would want my son to know as he grows. 

As a marketer, I naturally like to reduce things to their most simple core message, so it makes sense that these Truisms were appealing.


Ultimately, they’ll do no good to anyone sitting in a Google doc on my computer. So I’ve gathered them here for your
enjoyment and edification. 


(This list is a combination of original Truisms that I’ve learned and written, and some that I’ve heard and learned from others. I haven’t credited anybody, because in some cases, I just don’t remember. So I’ve gone with the all-or-nothing approach, with thanks to everyone along my journey so far for contributing to this growing body of wisdom.)